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Buttermilk Rusks
2020-03-24 | Thunzi Bush Lodge

We're all going to be looking for something to do with the Covid-19 lock-down. South African's LOVE their rusks so I thought I'd share this tried and tested Buttermilk Rusk recipe. Be warned, they are addictive and a perfect snack to nibble on. 



HINT: If you don't have buttermilk use plain yogurt (I normally use my plain yogurt that has gone a bit sour, works beautifully!) Fay suggests you nick one before you dry it out and put a dollop of butter, jam and cheese on, enjoy as a scone! Yummy treat for the cook.

The Bran and Wholewheat rusk recipe is just as good. I think my most favourite thing about both these rusk recipes is that the rusks are light and airy, not dense and difficult to bite. I was very lucky to have met Fay and got her to autograph my cookbook, fond memories :) 

Stay safe, #self-isolate and remember to try and get some fresh air and warm sun! 

Warm blessings, Tren & the Thunzi Bush Lodge Team

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